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BREAKING: "Big Oil" Wants To Make This Fuel Saving Device Illegal


As fuel prices rise worldwide, more and more consumers are using this device to keep their cars on the road.

Pick any moment in history after the industrial revolution, and we guarantee that you’ll find one truth: oil prices are higher than in previous years. This trend has become very annoying, especially for regular folk who struggle to afford the new prices. But that’s not the height of it because two factors are threatening to make it much worse: governmental regulations and uncertain demand.

Governments worldwide are trying to drive up fuel prices to discourage people from buying in an effort to combat climate change. At the same time, electric vehicles are popping up every day, slowly reducing the fuel demand. In response, large oil conglomerates are increasing prices to keep their profits.

Both of these changes will continue to weigh heavy on the average consumer. As one expert put it, “We’re looking at a situation where the average car owner won’t be able to afford fuel for a round trip to work. And the problem is that most people don’t see it coming.”

But don’t worry because it’s not all bad news. A US-based company has created a revolutionary and affordable fuel-saving device that cuts your car’s fuel consumption in half while lowering your carbon footprint. The economy is so significant that within 30 days, the chip pays for itself in fuel savings.

What is This Device?


It’s called the EcoVeco, and it’s the first truly revolutionary external fuel-saving device that actually works. We say external because it works with your vehicle even if it doesn't have hybrid technology or any other kind of fuel-saving improvements.

The EcoVeco is a compact gadget designed by engineers who got tired of buying fuel every other day. The chip was designed to turn the tide so regular folk like you and me can drive a car without having to line the pockets of these large oil companies.

It’s no surprise that the EcoVeco threatens many of these oil corporations and petrol stations. It’s basically giving power back to the people and cutting into their greedy profits. This is why it’s so tough to find the EcoVeco in most retail establishments.

But guess what. The internet is the great equalizer.

You can order this energy-efficient fuel-saving chip online, hook it up to your car, and save an average of 35 cents on every pound you spend on petrol because you're burning less fuel, your carbon footprint is also lowered.

Many independent companies have also conducted dozens of research to discover that the chip actually works. As one researcher put it, “I can’t believe this isn’t sold everywhere. It changes everything we know about how the combustion engine consumes fuel. No wonder oil companies are trying to bury it.”

How Does It Work?

The EcoVeco was also designed so anybody can install and use it. It’s even simpler than changing your car’s oil because the manufacturers know that if you need a mechanic to install it, the large oil companies will probably try to bribe them too.

You can easily install the EcoVeco by plugging it into your car’s On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD2) port. Don’t worry. Your car has one because regulation demands that cars include the port. Therefore, all cars made in the UK from 1996 and all cars made in Europe after 2001 have OBD2 ports.

You can find your OBD2 port directly under the dashboard, beneath the steering wheel. The EcoVeco will fit in perfectly and receive power from your car’s battery. The chip then analyzes data from your car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU). The advanced technology detects how efficient your fuel consumption currently is and immediately makes adjustments.

If you’re familiar with cars, you know that the ECU monitors engine performance and controls how much fuel is injected into each cylinder. The EcoVeco adjusts the boost pressure, amount of fuel injected, and timing. These make your car perform more efficiently.

Can Big Oil Actually Stop This?


Unfortunately, the answer is “probably.” Currently, you can’t get the EcoVeco at any physical location. That’s because big oil companies launched a campaign immediately to take it off the shelves when they found out.

The manufacturer is working hard to keep it online right now, but we’re unsure how long that will last. While the chip isn’t outright banned, we don’t know how long it will stay available online. The good news is that it’s still for sale now, and you can get it at a discount!

People Are Spreading The Hype On Social Media

Deborah Collins
14 hours ago .
Anyone have EcoVeco?? Is it worth it?
Jennifer Miller
For 2 months already. Its so amazing!
Like . Reply . 5 hours ago
David Nelson
You must try it. Mandy and I use it. We got one a few months ago to test it and now we’re waiting for the second to arrive.
Like . Reply . 5 hours ago
Lisa Clark
I'm using EcoVeco. So far so good. Cannot complain. It seems it works properly.
Like . Reply . 6 hours ago
Robyn Harris
Darling I’m using EcoVeco. Very easy to use and very effective. Call me later I will tell you more.
Like . Reply . 7 hours ago
Paul Brown
You should get one! Tried it myself, best decision so far.
Like . Reply . 7 hours ago
Julie Jackson Steward
I think Maria uses it
Like . Reply . 8 hours ago
Maria Smith
Yes, I’ve been using EcoVeco for almost 4 months already. You should definitely give it a shot, you can really benefit from EcoVeco. I love how easy to use it.❤️
Like . Reply . 7 hours ago
Adam Shawn
Definitely YES!
Like . Reply . 8 hours ago
Donald Cooper
2 days ago .
I just received EcoVeco. I regret I didn't buy it sooner. If anyone I know is looking for save some fuel, I highly recommend this device. It is the easiest to operate and can save your money!
Karen Wilson
Why I haven’t heard about this before?? I would love to get one. Where can I find it?
Like . Reply . 5 hours ago
Jonathan Scott
I think we should establish the EcoVeco lovers club 😂 I recently bought 2 of them for each car. I still can't believe what a great deal I got.
Like . Reply . 7 hours ago

Is This Device Actually Legal?


The EcoVeco is completely legal. All you’re doing is modifying your car’s fuel efficiency to get more out of it. If anything, governments should be rewarding individuals who use this chip because it is actually beneficial for the environment.

You also have to remember that ‘legal’ doesn’t always mean ‘accepted.’ Even though no laws keep you from using the EcoVeco, organizations that have a lot to gain will try to keep it under wraps for as long as possible until they ban it completely. But right now, there’s nothing they can do to stop you from using it.

Based On Your Feedback

This article is getting very popular. I have gotten a few questions I would like to answer here.

What type of cars the device is compatible with?

You can easily install the EcoVeco by plugging it into your car’s On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD2) port. This port is included in all cars made after 1996 has the ports, while cars made in Europe come with the feature if they’re made after 2001.

Is it suitable for both diesel and gasoline engines?

Yes. EcoVeco is designed to affect the amount of fuel a car intakes, despite the type of fuel used.

Will my car’s warranty be affected?

No. EcoVeco will not affect your car's warranty in any way.

Can it be transferred to another car?

Because EcoVeco is a universal-fit product that requires no set-up, you can easily transfer it between cars.

Will it affect the computer of my car?

No. EcoVeco does not affect your car's wiring or ICU.

Is it still on even if the engine is turned off?

EcoVeco works with your car. This means that it only works when the engine is on.

Can it affect my battery?

While EcoVeco does plug into your battery as it runs on electricity, it is controlled by ignition. When the ignition is off, EcoVeco remains in standby mode, which uses no more electricity than the electronic clock of your car.

How Much is it Going To Cost Me?

Most people expect the EcoVeco to cost a pretty sum based on the savings you’ll get from it. But it actually costs less than £40! How come?

While the technology is fairly complex, the chip is cheap to manufacture. And because there are no middlemen and distribution chains, you get to pay a fair price for it.

Where Can I Buy This Device?


You can buy the EcoVeco directly from the company’s website.

Lower Your Fuel Consumption

Now that you know everything about the EcoVeco, here are a few key takeaways. Even if you forget everything else, try to remember these steps.

1Buy your EcoVeco at a special discount before they run out of stock.

2After receiving the package, open it up and plug it into your car’s OBD2 port.

3Once plugged in, the device will read your car’s current efficiency and begin optimizing your fuel consumption. It will fully kick in about 5 minutes after your car starts running.

Here's a tip: EcoVeco is a great gift because it will save everybody who receives it a ton of money!

Click the button below to order your very own EcoVeco now.

"Remember, we cannot guarantee inventory at this time due to the demand skyrocketing right now. It's been reported a lot of people are buying multiple devices at once to resell them for a profit."

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NOTE: This product is NOT  available on Amazon or eBay.

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Henry Simonson · London
Actually works, I said to myself is not so expensive so let’s have one but actually works!! Happy with this. My and my daughter have to drive every weekend about 310 mi and both me and my daughter use less fuel.

· Reply · 84 ·
Don Robinson · Essex
I installed the EcoVeco module on a 2004 AUDI A6, with 180k miles on it, getting 20-25 mpg. I changed the oil, oil filter, and air filter at the same time. With the first tank of petrol, I got about 28 mpg. In the second tank, I got almost 35 mpg. So far, I am pleased with the purchase.
· Reply · 38 ·
Laura Sylvia · Birmingham
After following the setup procedure, my 2019 BMW X4 started to average 30+MPG's, very pleased with the EcoVeco.

· Reply · 22 ·
Wilhelm Kingsleigh · Leeds
Item is still working on saving me on petrol. As of today, it has saved me almost a gallon per tank full. I still have not gone over the 150 miles limit for it to reach its full calculating on saving more fuel. Thursday is my fill-up day.
· Reply · 68 ·
Mandy Simmons · Sussex
Very surprised with the claims, yet they are true. My 2011 jeep Grand Cherokee went from an average of 19mpg on the highway to 21 really satisfied with the results and very impressed.
· Reply · 23 ·
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